Graphic design

We cooperate with renowned Czech graphic designers who focus on animation and film art designing. We always prepare presentation for a client, storyboards, and animatics.


In our studio we offer you to choose between Avid or Final Cut editing systems. Both of them operated by trained technicians and editors. Collaboration with external (or your own) editors is not a problem.

3D animation

Our experienced animators use Cinema4D – a very flexible and quick tool for creating 3D animations. In many cases it proved to be more effective than other types of too sophisticated and complex 3D software. Shorter production time (i.e. lower price) is a bonus for our client while keeping the quality of the final animation on the level. We can also handle other sorts of software like 3D Studio Max, Maya, ... And we have a wide array of experience in the whole chain of 3D techniques from modelling, animation, rigging to final rendering.

On-line / postproduction

The studio is equipped with new Quantel eQ online workplace. With regard to costs of a commission more advanced tricks and special effects may be created in other, less expensive post-production facilities of our graphic department. Our operators rank among the best in the field and participate in the most challenging projects such as TV Nova design (see Projects – TV Design).

DVD authoring and transcoding

We also offer professional DVD authoring including preparation of masters for a manufacturing facility, and the production of broadcast transcripts and copies of all common formats (Digital Betacam, Analog Betacam, XDCAM, Umatic, VHS, DV, DVD), encoding mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, quicktime, avi, H.264.


Our clients are MAFRA media group (publisher of MF Dnes, Metro, Lidové noviny), Vodafone, Unilever (Rama, Flora, ...), Walmark, and others.