Marecam is a leading producer of music projects and documentaries and owner of a post-production studio.


We provide a comprehensive picture and sound recording of concerts, theatre performances, sports and social events, including high-end post-production processing of TV broadcast quality and, if requested, subsequent DVD authoring and mastering. Marecam has its own remote-controlled multi-cam HD recording system that captures and saves data input from all the included source cameras to HD, with no compression or loss. The system also includes automated motion technology developed particularly for this sort of productions. At the time of shooting, the system operation is always managed and controlled by our crew of specialists, experienced operators and sound designers who take part in processing of the final product and also guarantee its highest quality. High mobility of the system is a great plus and allows Marecam to record any project all over the Europe. Marecams productions encompass recordings from small music clubs, big theatres, concert halls as well as sport arenas. There are usually 12 to 16 cameras used on smaller events, on bigger projects it is more than 20 cameras.

Marecam broadcast television system

The robotic, remote-controlled camera system together with classic shooting technology is ideal to use at concerts, operas, theatre plays, TV programmes, or shows. The greatest advantage is the size of its single components and possibility to install them virtually anywhere in the room, hall or any other place. There is absolutely no restriction imposed on performers or audience thanks to the minimized components of the production technology. Shooting is made possible even in full auditorium, which is an advantage appreciated by all organizers.


Our successful projects include shooting, post-production and releasing of George Duke and Hank Jones DVDs, production of music programmes for Czech TV, TV Barrandov, and Spanish Tele 5, or classical music recordings for JVC Victor label, Japan.